Coordinated Care

What is Coordinated Care?

Coordinated care occurs when members of an interdisciplinary team gather together to determine how to best support the child’s needs through the individualization of established goals and outcomes across various settings and with different clinicians.  Our team meets on a monthly basis to review progress and assess the needs of each client. 

We also offer in-clinic evaluations across the following disciplines: ABA therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, and Psychological Evaluations. 

Psychological assessments can provide important, detailed information that can be used to rule in/out or further define a diagnosis, assist in education planning, and determine current levels of processing and academic achievement.   

Speech and Language Evaluations are completed by a licensed speech-language pathologist and can determine how your child produces sounds in words, how he/she uses language compared to same-aged peers, and how he/she understands the various components of language.  The evaluation will also assess the fluidity, volume, and phonation of how your child speaks.  In addition, a speech-language pathologist can assess social language skills, reading comprehension, and oral reading skills to identify areas of support that are needed.  

Feeding Therapy Evaluations: A feeding evaluation is completed by a licensed speech-language pathologist to assess the different phases of feeding and swallowing: the oral phase and the pharyngeal phase. The speech-language pathologist will assess the oral structures and oral motor skills used in consuming different textures, including liquids and solids. Your child’s feeding position, behavior, and oral movements are observed and assessed to ensure that your child is safe for oral eating. In addition, a speech-language pathologist can support suck-swallow-breathe coordination in infants as they learn to feed. If your child needs alternative methods of eating, a speech-language pathologist can support your child in safe oral trials, with physician clearance, and begin to develop a positive relationship with eating.

Applied Behavior Analysis is a scientific approach to understanding behavior. Analysts study the function and reasoning for engaging in specific behavior and then establish alternative ways that the child can meet their needs. Applied behavior analysis focuses on the events that happen before and after certain behaviors that allow the analyst to understand what events or activities could be changed to assist the child in the future.

ADOS-2 Evaluations

The ADOS (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule) is a standardized diagnostic test for Autism Spectrum Disorder. It assesses communication, social interaction, and restricted/repetitive behaviors in various play-based activities.

What is a Coordinated Care?

Information is exchanged between providers, such as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Speech-Language Pathologist, and Psychologist, to develop a comprehensive, individualized plan of care of services that meets your child’s needs and preferences. 

How is Coordinated Care Beneficial?

Children with complex or chronic health care needs often interact with a variety of health care professionals.  Coordinate care is intended to improve the quality of care, reduce miscommunication between members of your child’s team, and allow care to be coordinated around your child.  The services for each child are based on a thorough understanding of your child’s diagnosis and your family’s specific concerns and challenges. 

How Do Different Health Care Professionals Work Together?

At ABA Every Day, our team of Board Certified Behavior Analysts, Speech-Language Pathologists, and Educational Psychologist work together to share their knowledge and expertise to develop an individualized plan of intervention as well as determine when the plan needs to be reviewed and updated with any changes in your child or family’s status.  Regular meetings and open lines of communication within the clinical setting across disciplines and with your family allows for an ideal care coordination system.

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