Thanksgiving Social Story

The holiday season often brings changes in routine, schedules, and an increase in social opportunities.  This can be stressful for many of our children and increase possible feelings of anxiety, fear, or misunderstanding.  To support our children in knowing what to expect for this holiday season, we often create and use social stories.  A social story is a learning tool that helps our children learn a specific skill, describe a situation or concept, or even celebrate an achievement coming from your child’s point of view.  These social stories can also help our children learn how to behave in specific situations and creates a social script or narrative that they can use when needed.

We have created a Thanksgiving Social Story that you can download and use with your child.  You can read the social story with your child daily to prepare them for the holiday this week.

You can also support your child for the holiday season in a number of ways:
1.  Use a visual schedule so that your child knows what to expect.
2.  Offer a safe and quiet space if he/she gets overwhelmed or needs a break.
3.  Inform family members and friends about what your child enjoys and how he/she may interact in a new or different setting.
4.  Be sure to include fun activities that your child enjoys and makes him/her feel successful.
5.  Allow your child to help throughout the day by offering them the opportunity to set the table, answer the door, or help with a specific recipe in the kitchen.

We wish you all a very safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

If you have any questions or need additional support, you can reach out to us via email at or via phone at (407) 904-1600.


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