Holiday Gift Guide: Toddler Edition


With the holidays quickly approaching, we wanted to share a few of our favorite toys and activities for different developmental ages over the next few weeks!!  Today’s post includes toys for children ages 2-3 years old. These are activities we use frequently in therapy that can be used at home to target communication, following directions, pretend play, gross motor skills, and fine motor skills!  Each of these toys can be found on Amazon and the link is included for you below!

  1.  Radio Flyer Red Rider Trike: Learning to ride a tricycle can help your child improve their coordination, balance, and build their muscles that are needed for running, walking, and more!
  2. Melissa and Doug Animal Sound Puzzle: Puzzles are a great way to work on language, fine motor skills, and visual integration!  Your child can label the puzzle pieces or identify them when asked.  They have the opportunity to match the puzzles to their corresponding picture and hear the sounds that those objects make.  These puzzles come in different categories, including transportation, zoo animals, and even pets!
  3. Learning Resources Spike the Hedgehog: This colorful toy can help your child build their hand muscles as they replace the colored quills on Spike’s back!  You can also use this toy to work on counting and color identification skills!
  4. Board Books: Books are a great learning tool!  They allow your child to learn new vocabulary, identify objects in pictures, recognize words on a page, and build their listening skills!
  5. Pretend Cutting Play Food Set: This is a great activity for teaching imaginative play, bilateral coordination (which comes from holding a food item in one hand and cutting with the other hand), and learning vocabulary about the food around us!
  6. Mega Bloks: Large blocks are an excellent toy for developing creativity and critical thinking skills.  Your child can continue to work on counting, colors, and size during play with these blocks!  Learning to stack blocks can support fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and how objects can work together in space!
  7. Melissa and Doug Multi-Activity Play Table: This table is great for providing a space for your child to build, create a train track, or put together a puzzle.
  8. Fisher-Price Little People Farm Set: This is another great toy for building language, pretend play skills, and learning about spatial awareness.  You can work on a variety of language concepts, including nouns and verbs as you engage in play with your child!
  9. Potato Head:  We love this toy in the clinic for working on body parts, clothing items, and our senses!
  10. Step 2 Kids Kitchen: A kitchen is a great way to continue to build your child’s communication, vocabulary, and creative play!
  11. Little Tikes Basketball Set:  This is a great activity to play with your child to work on their hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills, and turn-taking!

We hope this gift guide gives you a few ideas when deciding what gifts would best support your child’s development and success!  We will continue to share more gift guides over the next few weeks!  If you have any questions, please reach out to us at any time!

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