All About Me Introduction Letter (Back to School)

A new school year is about to begin, which means your child most likely will have a new teacher.  Writing a back to school letter to your child’s teacher can offer an opportunity for starting the year with success.  It can open the lines of communication early on and allow your child’s teacher to learn more about your child from your eyes and experiences.

To support you in creating a letter for your child’s teacher, we have created an editable PDF that you can download HERE.  This one page download includes information for your child’s teacher to understand how your child learns and what steps they can take to support your child during those first few weeks of back to school transition.  The letter is written from your child’s perspective and includes:

  • A space to insert an image of your child
  • Your child’s strengths
  • Any challenges that your child faces (this could be in regards to specific developmental skills or academic areas that are difficult for your child to complete independently)
  • How your child learns best (visual learner, tactile learner, visual schedule, frequent repetition of directions, etc.)
  • Strategies that your child’s teacher can use to help your child (offering a sensory break, how to support a calm body/mind, etc.)
  • Any diagnoses/medications/allergies that your child’s teacher should be aware of

You can share this letter with your child’s specials teachers as well so they can support your child as he/she transitions to different settings throughout the school day.

If you have any questions or we can assist you during this transition, please reach out to us at the office (407) 904-1600 or via email at

For a Word Doc version of the letter, you can download that here.

If you are interested in editing the template in Canva, you can use this TEMPLATE LINK to personalize it for your child.

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